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Help those who want to learn Chinese Language and Culture.

Mandarin for Adults

China is a country with a long history, splendid culture, beautiful mountains and rivers. Learning Chinese culture will help you broaden your views and increase your knowledge about China.

Mandarin Chinese lessons for adults will help you achieve your specific Chinese learning goals. Our Chinese courses are based on your level, pace, and learning style. Tell us your learning goals and we will design a personalized and professional study plan for you!

In this course, you will receive systematic training in listening, speaking, reading and writing from our native Chinese teachers. We offer 9 different levels of classes, ranging from Beginner to Advanced level with a wide range of useful topics. Chinese lessons are all based on everyday life and daily topics. you will learn native and effective daily Chinese expressions.


Chinese Culture
1. Have a basic understanding of the 5000-year history of China.
2. Learn basic customs in China.
3. Get familiar with Chinese arts such as calligraphy, painting, and music.
Chinese Culture Level 2
1. Gain advanced knowledge of Chinese history and customs.
2. Learn special Chinese cultural topics such as kung fu , Beijing opera, Chinese calligraphy, etc.
3. In-depth understand the knowledge of current Chinese culture (e.g., pop culture).
4. Learn the popular Chinese idioms and phrases currently used in China.

Private Sessions (One Person)

Private sessions are typically 50 minutes in duration. I strongly recommend students to meet with me at least twice a week in order to maintain, and to increase, their level of proficiency. I offer discounts to students who pay for at least 10 sessions in advance. As for detailed pricing schedule, please see the table below.


Session(s) Paid
In Advance
Session Rate
(50 minutes / session )
Percentage Discount
10$25save 25%



Semi Private Sessions (Two to Three People)

If you have friends who also want to learn Chinese, you can take semi-private lessons (one hour). The total number of students in a group should be no more than three. I also offer package discounts to students who pay for at least 10 sessions in advance.

For a two-people group: 


Session(s) Paid
In Advance
Individual Rate Group Rate
(one hour/session)


For a three-people group: 


Session(s) Paid
In Advance
Individual Rate Group Rate
(one hour/session)



I am flexible with my time to accommodate individual needs. If there is a scheduling conflict, I will put you on a waiting list and you will be notified when a time slot is available.
Canceling or Changing Lessons

If you ever need to cancel or change a tutoring appointment, please contact me directly no later than 24 hours before the scheduled session time. If the lesson is not canceled or rescheduled one day in advance, one session will be deducted from your total.






Internet Resources
  • YellowBridge Dictionary. Has a remarkable character recognition feature (requires Java plug-in). Just draw what you saw and it will let you choose from the most closely matching characters! Also has the less exciting, but fairly comprehensive Chinese-English-Pinyin dictionary.

  • Mandarin Tools Dictionary. Chinese-English, English-Chinese Dictionary. An excellent dictionary for both traditional and simplified Chinese. The home page for this site offers many other Chinese language and culture resources.

  • Pinyin Typing Program. A very helpful web tool for typing in Pinyin offered by the California State University at Long Beach. Just type the tone number after a letter and it provides the Pinyin with the tone. You can then copy and paste your Pinyin sentences into any other program.

  • Zhongwen Characters. A great site for anyone interested in Chinese characters. Characters are broken down into their component parts and character pronunciation and etymology are discussed. The search feature is very useful and you can search in English or Pinyin.

  • Kwintessential Culture. A brief introduction to some basics of Chinese culture. Provides a useful introduction for those wanting to learn about Chinese etiquette.

  • Travel China Guide. A very helpful travel site with info on many cities in China and Taiwan and their main points of interest, maps, flights, and train schedules. Also offers tour packages.

  • The Universal Currency Converter. Useful currency conversion site with up to date rates.

  • Yahoo!Weather. Check the weather almost anywhere in mainland China or Taiwan.


Print Resources - Recommended Reading
  • The Rough Guide to Mandarin Chinese. Dictionary for English to Chinese (characters and Pinyin) and Pinyin to English. Contains a section on simple grammar usages such as counting items, telling time, and how to say yes and no. Contains menu guide and quick reference guides for doctors, hotel reservations, buses and trains, etc. Katharyn calls it “the most useful, most portable book you can take to China.” Easily fits in a pocket.

  • The Oxford Picture Dictionary. by Norma Shapiro and Jayme Adelson-Goldstein. A great illustrated resource with vocabulary grouped together into categories such as outside in the yard, the doctor's office, wild animals, and electronic equipment. Would be helped greatly by the addition of Pinyin pronunciation guides for the Chinese words. Still a useful resource.

  • The Complete History of China by J.A.G. Roberts. This book is a very comprehensive history of China from ancient times to modern. Perhaps a bit unwieldy for the casual reader, but a worthwhile library addition for anyone with a strong interest in the history and development of China.

  • Travelers' Tales China edited by Sean O'Reilly, James O'Reilly and Larry Habegger. Selected for their quality writing and fine storytelling, this book contains stories of humor, frustration and touching poignancy that span locations all across China. A highly recommended, very readable book.


  • How difficult is it to learn Chinese?
    Grammatically, Chinese is easier than European languages! Read and writing the characters is difficult for most. Areas of difficulty will vary for each student. You might struggle with one unit and fly through another. The amount of time the student is able to practice will also be a factor. Our small classes are perfect for helping you through the hard bits.

  • How long will it take me to learn Chinese?
    This depends on how much you want to learn and how quickly you learn. Anyone can learn a language although a few will pick it up with less effort. A month is long enough for most people to learn "survival Chinese" that will be understood by native speakers. Conversational fluency can be achieved in anywhere from a few months (in immersion programs) or a couple years depending on the intensity of study and exposure to other speakers. Fluency in reading and writing can take many, many years.

  • What qualifications do your teachers have?
    Our teachers are native language speakers of Chinese and are screened to ensure their teaching skill. We provide direction, course outlines and expectations for each program but allow our teachers flexibility in meeting the needs of the students in their classes.

  • How much do your classes cost?
    Please see our Course Schedule for information about course levels and prices.

  • I have studied Chinese before, how do I know which of your courses to join?
    You can call us to schedule a meeting with one of our teachers. He or she will assess what you have learned before, what you have retained, and will help you determine what level to resume at. If you have the course materials you used before, it can be helpful to bring them to this meeting.

  • How many students are in each class?
    Most of our classes have a maximum of five students. No class has more than 10

  • What textbooks/materials are needed for class? Are they included in tuition?
    We use our publications for beginner child and beginner adult classes. Textbooks are not included in tuition.


    Our Teaching Philosophy
    • Conversation, Not Lectures
      Our classes are highly interactive with the goal of helping you use what you've learned in dynamic, real-world settings.
    • Small Classes, Personal Attention
      You receive more direct interaction with the teacher, helping you learn more quickly.
    • Native Mandarin Speakers
      Your teacher will help you learn correct, standard Mandarin.
    • Specialization
      We focus in depth on Chinese language and culture with the goal of promoting understanding and good will between American and Chinese citizens.


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