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Business Mandarin

Business Chinese lessons are designed for business people who intend to develop their ability to use the Chinese language when conducting business in China. Our business Mandarin Chinese lessons are divided into 9 different levels, ranging from the Beginner Level to the Advanced Level, with a wide range of useful topics and learning materials in business activities.

Level 1
Level 1 Business Chinese lessons are for students who have no or very limited prior knowledge of Chinese language and may not be able to read Chinese alphabets or characters. You may not know basic Chinese words, and find it difficult to answer simple questions in Chinese.

In this level, you will study Chinese pronunciation and how to initiate or respond basic conversations in business activities such as greetings, introductions, exchanging business cards, etiquette at a banquet, etc.

 Level 2
Level 2 Business Chinese lessons are for students who can interact at a slower rate in basic business Chinese communications. You can understand very short and simple texts, or single phrases at a time related to basic business activities.

In this level, you will study topics such as arranging agenda, company visit, introducing product, etc. And you will learn basic structure of Chinese characters.

Level 3
Level 3 Business Chinese lessons are for students who can ask and answer questions and exchange ideas and information on familiar topics in predictable business Chinese situations. You can understand short, simple materials related to basic business tasks.

You will study topics related to business Chinese such as basic business negotiations and sales promotions, and learn to read short, simple project and partnership proposal. You will learn more structure of Chinese characters and rules of character-building.

Level 4
1. Level 4 Business Chinese lessons are for students who can understand main points of clear and standard speech on familiar business matters. 2. In this level, you will study topics in business situations such as placing orders, delivery, etc. You will learn to understand business mail and simple orders in Chinese.

Level 5
Level 5 Business Chinese lessons are for students who can communicate with some confidence on familiar business matters related to their professional fields. You can understand straightforward business texts in Chinese on subjects related to your field, but oftentimes you may misuse words and grammars.

In this level, you will learn topics such as new market entry, sales strategy, product improvement, etc. You will learn to read some longer, complex business documents, official business mail, proposal, etc.

Level 6
Level 6 Business Chinese lessons are for students who can interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes regular interaction and sustained relationship with native Chinese business partners possible and somewhat effective without imposing strain on either party. You can read with a large degree of independence, you have a broad active business Chinese vocabulary, but may experience some difficulty with low frequency terminology.

In this level, you will learn topics such as financial services, intellectual property, investment, China economic outlook, etc.

Level 7
Level 7 Business Chinese lessons are for students who can use Chinese accurately and effectively on a wide range of business topics. You can communicate spontaneously with good grammatical control without much sign of having to restrict what you want to say, although you can be hesitant as you search for patterns and expressions. You can scan longer business documents in Chinese and gather information from different parts of a text with no difficulty.

In this level, you will learn complex business topics such as product planning, product launch, marketing plans, etc. You will learn to read articles focused on social economic issues, stock markets, etc.

Level 8
Level 8 Business Chinese lessons are for students who can understand a wide range of demanding business topics, and recognize implicit meaning. You can express yourself fluently and spontaneously without much obvious searching for expressions. You can understand in detail lengthy, complex business texts, whether or not they relate to your area of specialty.

In this level, you will study topics such as e-commerce, supply chain management, business strategy, financial crisis, etc. Articles selected from mainstream business newspaper and internet will also be read.

Level 9
Level 9 Business Chinese lessons are for students who can understand with ease virtually everything heard or read. You can express yourself spontaneously, very fluently and precisely, differentiating finer shades of meaning even in extremely complex business Chinese situations. You can understand and interpret critically virtually all forms of the written business Chinese language including abstract, structurally complex writings.

In this level, you will learn sophisticated topics that appear in public media and writings. You will gain a vast knowledge of China's emerging market, business investment environment, and China's commercial culture. And you will learn to read the underlying meaning of business texts in Chinese and write long thesis to present your business-related research findings. 


What is BCT (Business Chinese Test)?

BCT (Business Chinese Test) is established as a standard Chinese level test for business people whose native language is not Chinese. BCT is developed by Peking University under the entrustment of the Office of Chinese Language Council International in China. The BCT aims to test the examinees' ability to communicate in Chinese, so its main features are practicability and communication. The Business Chinese Test includes four aspects: listening, reading, speaking and writing. The examinees can choose to take either one section of the test or both of them. BCT services all the people who need to use Chinese for business purposes, from companies, banks, insurance agencies and so on. The Business Chinese Test is regularly offered in China and as well as abroad. You can log on the official website: to get more information.


Chinese Business Etiquette

1. This Mandarin Chinese course covers various business activities and aims to improve your Chinese speaking skills through a communicative approach.2. You can learn general rules of typical business etiquette, customs and practices in China.3. Build a foundation for successfully conducting business activities in China.

Business Meeting

Meetings are very important for formal business communication. Meetings are used to make decisions, get acquainted with people, share ideas and reach business deals. If you know the basic meeting format and basic meeting language, you can have successful meetings with Chinese people.